Luis Kalil: "The Unforgiven" (Metallica Solo)

Here's a rare moment where we get to show you the incredible skill of an virtuoso guitarist who plays Takamine as well as ESP (who distributes Takamine in the USA). Luís Kalil became the youngest-ever ESP endorsee at age 13, and has continued to show exponential growth as a guitarist and composer since then. Now taking on both acoustic and electric guitar playing, he uses a Takamine GC6CE classical guitar from our affordable G Series Classical, and then shifts over to an LTD Deluxe M-1000 Ebony for the rocking part of the solo. The GC6CE offers a solid spruce top, a distinctive oval soundhole, gorgeous black walnut back and sides, and legendary built-in Takamine electronics. The M-1000 Ebony employs a set-thru, extra thin-U shaped maple neck, an alder body, and a set of dual EMG 81 active pickups. You can hear more of Luís Kalil's outstanding musicianship on his web site

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Charles D.

I absolutely loved the tones Luis got from the Takamine and the LTD and his interpretation of The Unforgiven.