Thermal Top Series CRN-TS1 Thermal Top Demo by Jake Allen

Guitar phenomenon Jake Allen plays the Takamine CRN-TS1 in this demo video. This slope-shoulder dreadnought from Takamine's Thermal Top Series is a huge-sounding guitar that incorporates a 12th fret to the body neck joint for more fullness and volume. The top is thermal spruce to impart a played-in "vintage" tone, and the slotted headstock has a cool, old-school vibe that also imparts more down-tension on the nut, so that open strings have extra clarity. Bringing that huge tone to the stage is easy with the CT4B-II onboard electronics. The CRN-TS1 is a great addition to anyone's guitar arsenal. Filmed at Valley Relics Museum (Van Nuys, CA).

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