Signature Series Glenn Frey EF360GF Demo by Jake Allen

Guitarist Jake Allen enjoys playing this demo on the Takamine Signature Series EF360GF. The EF360GF is a direct reproduction of Glenn's #1 Takamine - the guitar heard around the world by millions of fans on countless concert tours. The EG360GF is equipped to inspire great performances from singers and songwriters alike. This guitar presents the classic tone of a spruce and rosewood dreadnought guitar. The voice is strong and punchy and cuts well through the densest mix. Finished in a natural gloss, this instrument can be identified by Glenn Frey's initials inside a circle on top of the peg head. Includes Takamine's CT4B II preamp system paired with the unique Palathetic™ under-saddle pickup for peerless amplified response, with three-band EQ, volume control and built-in tuner. Filmed at Valley Relics Museum (Van Nuys, CA).

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Regan D.

I can not listen to this sound, enough times!!

jennifer m.

Beautiful instrument and very talented artist :) 

Shelia T.

Sounds great. Close my eyes. Takes me away. Good job. Congrats