Limited Edition LTD2022 Demo by Mark Blasquez

In celebration of Takamine's 60th anniversary, the Limited Edition LTD2022 pays homage to an early Takamine design while including excellent modern enhancements. As is the case with all Takamine LTD models, the LTD2022 is being made in limited quantities with unique features that will never be produced again, making it a treasured instrument for guitar players and instrument collectors alike. Enjoy this demo by Mark Blasquez. Thanks to our filming location at Third Encore.

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Shane H Teed

My preference is the 2021 Blue Rose, love my Ceder tops but that Blue Rose is a gorgeous Spruce but that neck is incredible. The LTD 2022 is nice, but a pin-less bridge may have made it nicer, my AN10C and EAN15C are fantastic guitars, the CT4BII Preamp is way ahead of it's time, Takamine rocks

Jan W.

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