Takamine’s New Thinline Series

Takamine’s New Thinline Series

It’s not often that Takamine releases an entire new series of instruments to join our acclaimed Pro Series, Legacy Series, Limited Edition, and other finely-crafted guitars. Designed and built at Takamine’s highly-respected manufacturing facility in Sakashita, Japan, the new Thinline Series comprises a group of six new instruments that are extraordinarily well made, and offer a number of advantages you won’t get from other guitars.

Compact Size, Big Tone
The first thing we hear from people who are picking up a Thinline model for the first time is the surprise at the volume and clarity that comes from this decidedly streamlined body shape. Even unplugged and played acoustically, the Thinline guitars are designed to offer great projection and articulation, and a surprisingly warm and full tone.

Once plugged in and amplified, the Thinline Series takes advantage of Takamine’s decades-long experience at mastering the art of making acoustic-electric guitars. A new professional-grade preampfification system, the CT-3N, was created for the Thinline Series. It features individual EQ controls for low, mid, and high frequencies, as well as a notch filter for further EQ refinements (or killing feedback issues), along with an onboard tuner, battery indicator, and master volume control. With the CT-3N working in conjunction with Takamine’s renowned Palathetic pickup, these guitars sound amazing for both solo work or in a band setting, and might be an ideal choice for genres of music ranging from pop to singer-songwriter, country, rock, reggae, jazz, worship music and more.

Extraordinary Comfort
It’s obvious that the slim body size of the Thinline Series is what really sets it apart from most typical guitar styles. If you’re looking for a dreadnought, jumbo, NEX, or other body shape, Takamine offers some of the best available. But not everyone plays their best while having to drape their fretting arm over a thick chunk of instrument.

People who are more familiar with playing electric guitars, for example, might find the Thinline Series much more comfortable, allowing their lower arm to rest on the body at an angle that better accommodates their playing style. We've also spoken to musicians who’ve dealt with shoulder injuries and disorders, and find that the Thinline shape is ideal for them to be able to continue playing comfortably.

Six to Choose From (Plus A Very Special Version)
We launched the Thinline Series at the 2019 NAMM Show with six new models, each with their own set of unique features. The TSP178ACK has a top and back made of arched Hawaiian koa in Gloss Natural finish, while the TSP178AC makes use of arched flame maple in Gloss See-Thru Blue Burst. Both of these models feature an ebony fingerboard inlaid with abalone and shell.

TSP178ACK Gloss Natural

TSP178AC Gloss See-Thru Blue Burst

For musical styles that benefit from a nylon-string instrument, the TSP148NC combines a traditional solid cedar top in Natural Satin finish with an arched sapele back, and offers the slot headstock and 47mm nut width traditionally associated with nylon-string guitars. It’s a terrific instrument for fingerstyle jazz, pop and more.

TSP148NC Natural Satin

The TSP138C is a Thinline that most represents a classic Takamine acoustic, with its solid spruce top available in Gloss Natural, Gloss Tea Burst, and Gloss Tobacco Sunburst finishes. These Thinline models offer a mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard with traditional dot inlays, and are great all-around guitars for any music style.

TSP138C Gloss Natural

TSP138C Gloss Tea Burst

TSP138C Gloss Tobacco Sunburst

One other addition to the Takamine lineup also makes use of the new Thinline shape. The limited-edition LTD-2019 “Moon” model is yet another example of how the Thinline body can be put into service in one of our finest guitars, this one featuring a solid spruce top, arched mahogany back, artisan inlays on the fingerboard, and a special Gloss Midnight Grey finish.

LTD-2019 "Moon"

Ask your Takamine Dealer!
If you’re interested in trying a Takamine Thinline guitar, just get in touch with your authorized Takamine dealer. Find yours here.

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Christopher  A.

Just ordered the gloss natural. Stared at it just thinking about it for hours it felt like. That Koa is just too sexy

Kirk R.

I want the tea burst

President Tom Pernal

I pre-ordered a 138 in blonde from Sweetwater.

Expecting them around mid-June...

Very much looking forward to having one of these for the "I am primarily electric player" angle.


President Tom Pernal

I have had my TSP138C N Blonde for about 1.5 weeks.  I play live in the standing position. I have played two live gigs to date. One a bar/restaurant, and one was an outside private party. The next day shoulder and neck soreness are a thing of the past. My fingering and picking accuracy have improved as well, as I am primarily an electric player. The acoustic sound is very good and I even did some recorded samples to post to the Takamine FB Group I am a member of. Plugged in is where these guitars shine, which is one of the main reasons for my purchase. I have the better Bose tower PA and this guitar sounds as good or better than my EF340SC. The bottom is warm and full without being boomy. The low-mids are devoid of any cloudiness. Cosmetically it is gorgeous. Hope this help you make a decision. 


The Fatguy

The burst 138 is calling to me.