Congratulations Daniel Childs, Winner of our EF360SC TT Sweepstakes

Congratulations Daniel Childs, Winner of our EF360SC TT Sweepstakes

As should surprise no one at all, we had thousands and thousands of entries for our recent EF360SC TT Sweepstakes. After all, it's not every day that people are presented with the opportunity to get one of Takamine's finest guitar models from our Japan design and manufacturing facilty -- a $1,799.99 street value -- for absolutely free. But that's exactly what happened for Daniel Childs of Largo, FL, whose name was selected randomly as our winner.

If it's any consolation to those who didn't win this time around, Daniel seems like a very, very worthy winner. "This will be my fourth Tak, and definitely the nicest one, and the first BRAND NEW Tak I’ve ever gotten," he wrote back to us. "I can’t believe I won. Wow. Praise the Lord (Jesus Christ). My wife and I prayed for this if I recall correctly."

Takamine EF360SC TT.  Dreadnought body,  solid thermal spruce top, solid Indian rosewood back, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, CT4B II electronics.

The EF360SC TT is part of our Thermal Top Series. In a recent review in Premier Guitar Magazine, writer Adam Perlmutter said, "Whether I picked G runs on the EF360SC TT, strummed hard, or tried delicate fingerpicking in DADGAD and open-G tunings, I was impressed by the guitar’s evenness between registers, projection, and sustain. The bass is strong without being boomy, the midrange is punchy, and the trebles are clear and full. It’s also certainly reasonable to expect the EF360SC TT to age as gracefully as a vintage instrument, even with its torrefied head start."

"Wow. This is incredible. I can’t believe this," added Daniel, and we don't blame him. We hope to get some photos from him after he receives his EF360SC TT... or better yet, some music! Congrats again, Daniel, from all of us at Takamine USA. For everyone else, stay tuned... there will be more chances to win here at!

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How i  get win

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Congrats!  Thats awesome!

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Gosh, a beautiful guitar!

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Congrats, lucky dog!!

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