Blake Shelton's To-Do List

Blake Shelton's To-Do List

One thing you have to say about Blake Shelton: the guy likes to keep busy. We stole a peek at his to-do list. The first few items were as follows... Help plan wedding. Release new single. Do clever Super Bowl ad w/ Gwen. Judge season 20 of The Voice. Win. Take deer head off wall. Take elk head off wall. Buy eggs.

Blake recently visited Stephen Colbert to discuss a few of the items. After congratulating him on his recent engagement to Gwen Stefani, Colbert played a clip of their wildly popular T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial that effectively taps into the confusion fans felt after learning the stylish pop star from Orange County, California was dating the camo-clad cowboy from Oklahoma.

The title of the new single "Minimum Wage" prompted Colbert and Shelton to reminisce about their mutual teenage experience as grunts on a roofing crew. We already knew about Blake’s hot rooftop summer when he shared the story of watching Garth Brooks' first TV special in 1992, and taking the roofing gig so he could buy his first Takamine, an EF341SC.

We won’t make any predictions about how well "Minimum Wage", a song about a cash-poor, love-rich couple, will do. But this is where we mention that Blake has charted 41 singles, 28 of which went #1, 17 consecutively. Check out this remote performance of "Minimum Wage" featuring Blake’s great band and reigning CMA Musician of the Year, Jenee Fleenor. Blake plays his P5DC-WB from Takamine’s Pro Series 5 while Jenee uncased her SW341SC (currently EF341DX) for the occasion.

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Jaime Oli

Blake Shelton has 28 career No. 1 songs on the Billboard Country Airplay chart and another seven that have reached the Top 10. It'd be easy just to stick with the singles in making a list of his best songs, but who likes easyBuilding Decks 

Joe A.

Blake is very busy indeed! had a chance to witness his performance at T-mobile super bowl commercial. He's a total performer!

Joana D.

I'm a fan!

Roman Jay A.

Woah Blake is the only artist that when he sings brings chills down my spine. Anaheim retaining walls