Sean Rowe’s 'Can I Eat This?' Episode Two

Sean Rowe’s 'Can I Eat This?' Episode Two

Pull up a tree stump for the episode two of Can I Eat This?, the brand new series where accomplished singer-songwriter and avid forager Sean Rowe and select musical guest venture out into the woods surrounding the beautiful Autocamp Catskills resort to hunt, gather and prepare that day’s bounty of edible treasure, culminating in the satisfying musical collaboration of host and guest.

While Rowe’s foraging expertise ensures accurate content, the mood is loose and relaxed, and the dialog is humorous, conversational and real. Each episode concludes with Sean and his musical guest recording a song together, further enhancing the natural gifts at hand.

Sean’s musical guest for episode two is the stunningly gifted Alisa Amadore, whose recent prize-winning NPR Tiny Desk performance of her song "Milonga accidental" introduced the planet to her captivating singing, songwriting, and guitar style, resulting in scores of newly-minted, lifelong fans. 

The cover song Sean and Alisa choose to record (in the Airstream of your dreams) was Tom Waits’ "Hold On". The result, like all the rest, was pure, natural magic, and called for several servings.

The day’s adventure concludes with Sean gifting Alisa a Takamine GX18CE guitar from the 3/4-sized Taka-mini collection, requesting she play his favorite song of hers, "Nada que ver" from her album Narratives. Managing to enchant us even further, she obliges.

As the Can I Eat This? website explains, the developing interest in foraging can be attributed to a number of factors including a wealth of new information detailing the alarmingly negative health and environmental impacts of America’s fast-food/factory farm-based diets. Also, after more than two years of emotionally-charged state of isolation, many are seeking the space and quiet serenity of nature. Taken in combination, the series is a gentle and inviting respite from modern life, and provides us with relatively simple methods of making positive changes in our lives.

You can keep up with Sean Rowe and his music and foraging at his official site. For some insight into his unique and exclusive use of Takamine guitars, check out this interview we did with him in 2022.

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