Tech Corner: Changing a Preamp

Takamine guitar technician Joe is here to show you how to change out a preamplifier in your Takamine guitar. This is very helpful knowledge to undertake a task like upgrading your Takamine to a CTP-3 Cool Tube preamp, as Joe demonstrates here. Let us know what you think in the comments area below!

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Scott D.

Does the tube ever need replacement?  What are the symptoms of tube failure?

Eugenio F.

Could I put a CT4B on my GN20CE-N instead of using the standard  TP-4TD?

D K.

Wow. This is cool. How do I get an upgraded pre-amp for my P1JC-12 (I think it has a CT4B II)? Are the upgrades sold in Canada?


Thank you.


Hey D K.

I would contact the Takamine Distributor that services your region. 

B&J Music
21000 Trans-Canadienne
Baie D’Urfie, Quebec,
H9X 4B7
Ph: 800-268-8147, 514-459-3068
Fax: 800-777-3265, 514-459-3059

Best Regards,


Oh I figured it out.....the inscriptions are actually all printed on a thick foil plate which you can just peel up to reveal the clamp release hole underneath. 

Marcel B.

I Have a EGS330SC and I guess the same problem like you had. How you solved it exactely to get access to the hole underneath?

Thanks Marcel


I seem to have a very old pickup from the 90s and there isn't a hole to insert the tool into to access the other clamp. Do you have instructions to get this out?


I have the same problem. I have a EN12c - 12 with a Graph-Ex preamp. I would like to change it to the CTP-3, but don´t know, how to get the Graph-Ex out. Do you have some instructions for me too. Are there some more modifications needed to built the CTP - 3 in? Thanks

Robert B.

Same problem here. Have tried reaching in via sound hole, but can't locate the clip on my PSF-45C with AccurAcoustic eq.

Can anyone advise how to remove this please.