TH90 Demo by Jonathan Gomez

Professional guitarist and educator Jonathan Gomez takes the Takamine TH90 for a test drive in this demo video. The TH90 Hirade concert classic is handcrafted in our pro series facility that has been building precision quality instruments over five decades. A sterling example of the art of Master Luthier Mass Hirade, these classical guitars feature an oval soundhole, a solid spruce top, solid rosewood back and sides, and Takamine's proprietary CTP-3 Cool Tube™ preamp system.

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Francisco B.

Hi Jon!

Thanks for your repply. I normally use the Alliance HT Classical High Tension Savarez. I haven´t changed the strings yet, but I will use this Savarez strings. You can see my songs in my youtube. In the future, I will upload my last disc "Urkuwayra". I hope you like it.

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facebook: Pancho Lewero

instagram: pancho.lewero



Francisco B.

What is the best strings type for this guitar please recommend me.

I bought a TH90. The guitar was manufactured 1 year ago, is it necessary to calibrate it?


Jonathan G.

Hi Francisco!


  This is Jonathan from the video! I use D'Addario strings on mine! They sound great but its really up to you. One of my favorite sets of classical strings (which is the only brand u used thought my classical training) Is "Savarez" they do cost a little more but the sound, feel and quality is incredible. You can hear the strings on my upcoming Band EP! There's a song called "Hold Tight" Feel free to share your email to add you to our mailing list. Stay up to date and come join us when we play live and you can hear the different sounds and tones from the beautiful Takamine guitars! :)