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Jonathan Gomez is a guitarist with +18 years of music experience in the professional field, education and performance. Music has been his passion since he was a kid. Grew up in a family of musicians so instruments were always around him. As a young player, Jon started learning traditional folk and bolero/flamenco music form Mexico (Home) soon developed the skills to take music to the next level so he moved to Italy once finished high school. When Jon was 18 he toured for the first time in Europe as a classical guitarist. After several years of success he finally moves back to continue his journey in the United States. Today, Jon find a passion in teaching, creating writing and performing music 24-7 around the states. Currently lives in the Los Angeles area. you might not know me personally but I'm sure you've seen me on TV if you watch Glee, Gang related or other TV shows.

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Hi Francisco!     This is Jonathan from the video! I use D'Addario strings on mine! They sound great but its really up to you. One of my favorite sets of classical strings (which is the only brand u used thought my......Read more
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