EF341SC Demo by Jake Allen

The EF341SC is one of Takamine's most well-known and beloved guitars of all time, with its gloss black finish and solid cedar top with maple back and sides. Part of our Legacy Series and played by artists ranging from Bruce Springsteen to Bruno Mars, Steve Wariner to Jon Bon Jovi, the EF341SC is a wonderful guitar for any musical style, handling delicate fingerpicking and hard strums with equal elegance. In this video, acclaimed guitarist Jake Allen gives you a terrific performance on the EF341SC, and then walks you through its excellent feature set, which also includes Takamine's CT4B II preamp system paired with the unique Palathetic™ under-saddle pickup to perfectly take your studio sound to the stage.

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I own and play this guitar. After 35+ years playing a Martin D-28 on stage I purchased this model. What a sweet instrument...perfect setup out of the box. This guitar produces perfect sounds. There is no other guitar in the world like the Takamini. You can't go wrong with this guitar!


Beautiful sound!  I mean BOTH the guitar and the person who knows to put their love into the music.  Well done. 

"The beautiful thing about music is that when it hits you, it doesn't hurt."  ~Bob Marley