Introducing the LTD-2019 Moon

Each year, the master artisans at Takamine in Japan make one very special limited-edition guitar for the year. This year's LTD-2019 "Moon" pays tribute to the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and humankind's curiosity and relationship with our glowing moon. Lovingly inlaid in lavish abalone and mother of pearl and depicting the moon, clouds and three wild geese, this guitar is a beautiful testament to the craftsmanship and art of Takamine's Premier Japan models. Music by Jake Allen.

Jeff M.

Found it on Reverb for $2899.99. Not available yet. I am curious what the Thinline body sounds like and it appears to have a NEW preamp. I can't find any information about the preamp or the Thinline body....interesting



Wouaaaa, perfect guitare....I've got a Santafe, and I dream a limited edtion! Thank's Takamine for your travel all the time to make music besser (sorry for my english, I'm french)

Jeff M.

When will these be available? 

How much ?


Scott F.

I would like to know as well. Any info?

Ian Gomes

I liked the guitar so much, I've placed a deposit on one to be made for me and I don't even know how much is the final price...

It will be my first cutter away guitar as I already own a Takamine OM guitar that has served me so well from 2012 till now...

Thank you Takamine for making such beautifully made, innovative technologically advance guitars that sound pitch perfect...