TSP138C Thinline Demo by Matt Haze

Making their debut earlier this year, Takamine's new Thinline Series offers a whole new approach in professional-quality guitars that meet the needs of a wider variety of players. Their streamlined body shape is extraordinarily comfortable to play, while their great tone is completely impressive both plugged in and played acoustically. These guitars are crafted at our famous Takamine facility in Gifu, Japan. In this demo, LA-based guitarist Matt Haze tries out the TSP138C, which is available in Tobacco Sunburst, Tea Burst, and Natural finishes.

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Samuel D. Darden

How much is the cost of that guitar. Also, is that possible to costumize the color and design. Hope you response.  follow this link if you want shooter game in pc.

President Tom Pernal

Back to my full time teaching gig next week. Still play out regularly and have a public speaking business on top of it all.... Living large on several fronts.

President Tom Pernal

I have had my Tak Thinline Natural since the end of June and I love this guitar. I've always been primarily an electric player so the Thinline Series announcement was very appealing to me. I own an EF340-SC and pre-ordered my Thinline as soon as I could. Ordered it sight unseen based on trusting Takamine's products. Photo taken after the first set of my first gig on July 1st. I have a Bose L1 Series II tower with the small sub and it sounds incredible. Anyone having second thoughts about ordering one of these can rest easy. Tom Pernal


Tom W.

Man, you’re living the life!