GX18CE Taka-Mini Demo by Jack Fliegler

Acclaimed guitarist Jack Fliegler of Singularity (who also has a huge following on his ToxicXEternity YouTube channel) does the unexpected and tries out the Takamine GX18CE "Taka-Mini". Part of our affordable G Series, the "Taka-Mini" is exactly what the name implies... a 3/4-size guitar that's perfect for travel or for keeping handy whenever an opportune moment comes up to play. But this little guitar means business... it features a solid spruce top along with a Takamine TP-4T preamplifier, meaning you can take it onstage and expect great sound from the moment you plug in.

In this video, Jack demonstrates another great application for the GX18CE: using it for your "Nashville tuning" guitar. Also known as "high strung" guitar, this technique has you replacing the four lower wound strings (E, A, D and G) with the non-wound strings of a 12-string guitar, and then tuning them an octave higher than standard pitch. The result, as you'll hear in this video, is a very unique chime-like and beautiful tone that is a lovely element to add to your next hit song!

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Jack R.


Evil death switch

is their a taka mini without electronics

Tom W.

Not currently.

Benjamin  P.

I have a Maton mini. I gave my Taylor GS Mini to my daughter and am definitely going to get the Taka mini. Thank you for the informative and concise post!