Limited Edition LTD2023 Demo by Mark Blasquez

Takamine celebrates the Santa Fe guitar series with the very special LTD2023 Santa Fe 30th Anniversary model. This limited production NEX-sized cutaway features a solid cedar top which is paired with beautifully figured silky oak on the back and sides. The ebony fingerboard is inlaid in turquoise in a Santa Fe motif. The turquoise rosette is striking in its southwestern style and intricacy. Turquoise purfling and a turquoise colored Takamine logo on the headstock round out these special appointments. In a nod to the original Santa Fe models, a pinless split-saddle bridge is featured. Ease of amplification is achieved through Takamine's Palathetic pickup system and the new retro-inspired CTF-2N preamp. The guitar comes with a special Santa Fe themed Takamine guitar strap and a semi-hard Takamine case.

Benjamin  P.

I need one bad !

Dave S.

What is up with the new preamp design? Why did they not keep the OG CT4Bll? I haven't tried this new preamp, so I only know how well the other OG preamp sounds. Does it have better sound or better clarity, tone, sensor quality?


Dave S.

I have always said to myself, even though many may not notice or talk about it, that the guitars with a curve at the end of the fretboard near the soundhole tend to just, I do not really know, have better design, and look like they sound better. Please correct me if I am wrong, since I am still learning.

Mark S.

Wow, I can't wait to check out the Limited Edition LTD2023 Demo by Mark Blasquez! I've heard great things about his work. Cheers from  Riverside drywall contractor.

Tim R.

What a beautiful tribute to the Collectors edition series. I have the PSF 94 Santa  Fe guitar, myself. 

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