G Series GY11ME Demo by Mark Blasquez

So you think you can’t get a great guitar without sacrificing your life savings? Expert musician Mark Blasquez is here to prove that’s not the case if you’re using the Takamine G Series GY11ME. It’s one of the most affordable Takamine guitars you can get, but still has a huge cool factor with a compact New Yorker body shape, sapele top, back, and sides, and Takamine’s own TP-4T electronics, complete with an equalizer and chromatic tuner built-in.

Roberto Dávila

¡Muy bueno!

Mark S.

Wow, Mark Blasquez really makes a compelling case for the Takamine G Series GY11ME! Affordable yet impressive features like a compact body, Sapele wood, and built-in TP-4T electronics. Definitely worth considering! Perfect for my acoustical drywall.