Introducing Takamine's Upgraded SH Cases

Takamine's Tom Watters is here to explain the advantages of the newly-upgraded Takamine semi-hard (SH) cases that come with our Japan-built handcrafted Takamine guitar models. Watch the video and develop a better understanding why this lighter and more manageable case is actually also safer for your best Takamine instruments.

Steen S.

I hope you have introduced a closing mechanism on the handle that really works. I have a case of this type for another guitar, and the two carrying straps are joint in a padded handle that closes with velcro of some sort. Trouble is, that the handle is uncomfortably beefy AND the velcro gives so much that the handle opens up while lugging the guitar around making for at very cumbersome and tiring experience. In fact I bought a gig bag to replace this case ... I hope Takamine's attention to detail has results in a better handle and carrying experience. If so, I'm all for the change to the new lighter and presumably better insulated case. 

Elvin P. have slimmed down so much. 
Do you have a girl friend in Japan? 
Have a happy healthy day. Looking good. 

William R.

I'll take the hardcase

Michael G.

When will they be able to be purchased separately?

The Fatguy

We've got a LOT of people asking why the switch,  so thanks for the video.  I was initially sceptical about the 'gig bag'  but its actually a very nice case.  Now then,  what you SHOULD have done,  is had a guitar inside when you dropped it.  Money where your mouth is Tom.  I know that my kids have knocked over cases in their lives,  and I was fearful EVERY time.  Well,  I.m not as worried when they knock over my foam case,  just if they climb on it.  Quality cases. 

Made in Canada ?  

Tom W.

Don't try this at home. hahaha We don't recommend standing on any case with a guitar in it... just wanted to show that they are quite rigid and protective.