Takamine Preamp Shootout with Jake Allen

Our pal Jake Allen made this video to show off the unique tones and responsiveness of several of our acclaimed Takamine preamplifiers. Most of our preamp modules can be swapped out to different guitars if you’re looking for a great way to refresh your sound. In this shootout, you’ll see and hear Jake demonstrating the CT4B II (included in guitars like the EF341SC, EF508KC, most Signature Series models and more), the CTP3 CoolTube (found in our Pro Series models like the P5DC and P6N, Classical/Hirade Series guitars, and others), the CT4-DX (used in select special limited-edition models like the CP5D OAD), and the new CTF-2N “Brownie” preamp that’s currently exclusively available in our two limited-edition 60th anniversary models, the LTD2022 and THE 60TH. You can get more in-depth info on some of Takamine's preamplifier modules here:

CT4B II Preamplifier VIdeo Demo
CTP3 CoolTube Preamplifier Demo
CT4-DX Preamplifier Demo
Tech Corner: How To Change a Takamine Preamp

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